Wrap Up Your Bones For Life

The Bones Wrap – A Loan of Integration. A strip of cotton cloth wrapped around the body to unify all its parts

7 Pre-recorded Lessons for students who have basic Bones for Life experience.

“Move today so your body will want to move tomorrow. The profit is all yours.” –Ruthy Alon

Stimulate reliable balance, suppleness, strength, and stability through natural movement and weight-bearing posture.

This course is dedicated to a tool called the Bones Wrap. Ruthy Alon, the creator of Bones for Life® called it "a loan of integration."  It acts as a type of harness for support. It can fill in gaps where we need comfort, But mainly, the wrap unifies our different body parts and systems to function as a "whole" human that brings us power through axis alignment. 

When using the wrap regularly, the pattern of posture is refined and confirmed for daily movements in life while contributing to bone health.