ReVive Your Stride for Whole Body Integrated Action

Intelligent walking for active movers seeking upgraded coordination, reliable posture, and pain-free movement

Are you walking to your potential? How would you know?

It's no secret that walking is considered one of the best measurements of health. Afterall, if humans were unable to walk for long distances, they would not have survived. The question is... are you making each step count or are you merely counting steps?  The importance of quality over quantity is often overlooked. Simply walking in itself can be better than doing nothing, but is it? Inefficient walking puts you at risk for imbalances that cause wear and tear resulting in pain or even injury. What if you could improve your stride through interesting, short processes that can spontaneously invigorate your walking?

It's all about "whole body integrated action"

Each session deciphers components of efficient walking - bringing new awareness to improve coordination in what we do unconsciously. We incorporate our innate wisdom that evolved from our four-legged friends. Let the upgrades spontaneously happen while you continue your normal regime.

Who Will Benefit?

Walkers and equestrians seeking strategies to promote harmony and pain-free movement. Yes, sitting on a horse emulates walking too. "How you walk is how you ride" so when we have cooperation between all body parts, the better we can support our equine partner. ReVive Your Stride can seriously enrich other activities such as martial arts, dance, golf, and swimming to name a few. The simplicity of the processes along with introducing the walking poles is a great post-rehab solution too.

What's Included?

Explorations take place sitting in a chair, in standing, or on the floor. Each new process is immediately reinforced into walking - allowing the body to accept the change. The course also includes lessons using walking poles to secure equilibrium, and build strength and power. The walking poles reduce load off the pelvis and legs giving the lumbar and hip joint a chance to decompress. Walking poles are an empowering addition to revive the arms and upper back's primal function of the quadrupeds front legs. Lessons with poles are available live at the farm if you want to challenge yourself on the Aiyana Horse & Wellness trail. Don't worry the pole lessons will be recorded if you are unable to come in person.

Duration: 5 Weeks

  • 4 - Live 1 hour Online Lessons
  • In-person 1/2 day Workshop Walking with Poles Efficiently (Online or at the farm if local)
  • Bonus Private Lesson with Lynn
  • Access to Recordings