ReVive Your Stride (Coming Soon)


6 Weeks to Powerful, Pain-free Walking



A must have 6-week series for walkers that promotes efficient, powerful, pain-free walking.

It’s no secret that walking is considered one the best ways to overall fitness. Whether reaching for an item on a shelf or turning around while driving, some element of walking is involved. The name of the game is coordinated, integrated action.

The question is… do you merely count steps or do you make each step count?

A major miss for many walkers is the importance of quality over quantity. Simply walking in itself is better than doing nothing, but is it enough? Inefficient walking puts you at risk for wear and tear resulting in pain or injury.

Using a Movement Intelligence approach, Lynn shows you how working with the nervous system through short movement processes can shift habits to improve balance, posture, flexibility, and comfort.

This series is for movers and walkers who are 18 years or older. Regardless of your current fitness level, confidence and comfort will improve.