Harmonize Your Energy With Horses For Change


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Sun, November 3, 2019 | 1130AM – 4:30PM


You know you need a change, so why is change so difficult? Habits reside deeply in the body and that’s where we have to work if we are going to develop new ones.

This workshop goes beyond mindfulness to embodied connection with horses. Sustainable change is possible when we are relaxed enough to apply our senses in real-time horse activities. Here, we learn to work within the conditions around us.

Experience how 4 energy patterns are the gateway to quick shifts from inside-out as you practice directing your energy through equine interactions.

Come if you’re ready to:

  • Connect with horses for their authentic guidance and feedback
  • Let go and move toward a better future
  • Gain the confidence to follow your intuition
  • Stand for what you stand for; Move how you want to be

Spots are limited to provide personal attention in this innovative leadership and life infusion with horses. The workshop is conducted in an indoor arena so no need to worry about the weather. Horse experience is not needed. Wear comfortable loose clothing and dress for the weather. Must be 18 or over.

This offer is a preview into our Premium Breakthrough Series: “Changing The Way Change Happens“

Try something different. Take advantage of this high quality workshop at a great price!


Lunch Provided