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Awareness to Resilience

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FEBI with Coaching

Need more focus, discipline, ease with people, or big-picture thinking? There’s a pattern for each of those, and ways to physically cultivate it. 

Meet yourself in a new way, through the lens of the FEBI—the only “personality instrument” that links mind, body, and everyday behaviors.

FEBI measures four energy patterns within us all: Driver, Visionary, Organizer, and Collaborator. It goes beyond the head, connecting the mind to the body, and identifies physical activities that strengthen each of the patterns.

Challenge yourself to learn about your natural energy patterns and design a practice to develop the energy pattern of your choosing. 

  • Pick a goal: mature your strongest pattern or shore up your weakest pattern
  • Design a practice for the month to develop the energy pattern of your choosing—we have lots of resources to help with planning!
  • Access each of four energy patterns in any moment and when each is necessary
  • Read the energies in people and situations around you so you can use the right energy at the right time
  • Understand your personality preferences in terms of the patterns, and how they play into your strengths and weaknesses
  • Develop any pattern you’d like easier access to
  • Start using the energy patterns in your life and work
  • Resolving the duality of mind and body can become a gateway to resolution

Take the FEBI and receive 2 coaching sessions with Lynn as your FEBI-certified coach to help you understand your report results in the context of your work and life. You’ll develop a customized practice for any pattern you’d like to strengthen and be guided to gain easier access to a weaker one.

You’ll have the option to apply your second coaching session in partnership with a horse if you choose. Coaching is the best way to get the most out of your FEBI assessment. You’ll receive simple instructions with a personal link to take the FEBI. An email will come from lynn@aiyanahorse.com within 24 hours of ordering.

What’s Included:

  • FEBI Assessment Report with personal development strategy
  • Introduction to experiencing the four energy patterns
  • 2-private online coaching sessions to review your report and commit to your 1+1+1 plan
  • Second session may be online or in partnership with a horse

Be sure you have a good internet connection and camera on your computer.

TIME COMMITMENT: Approximately 5 hours. Sessions to be completed within 3 weeks of ordering for best results.