Academic Groundwork – Interactive Workshop

This is a standalone version of Groundwork. It has video snippets for dynamic visual learning. Like the other volumes in the Academic Art of Riding library, it contains both English and German



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In the Academic Art of Riding, groundwork stands for a healthy and horse-friendly training and optimal preparation for starting a youngster. In this interactive guide, the authors take you from relationship building to various working positions through the groundwork and longework test. A big bonus is the 20 video clips that invite readers to implement the exercises directly in the riding arena. Young horses are not the only ones who benefit from this structured logical approach. Groundwork also helps corrective horses and rehab patients to achieve more mental and physical balance.

Part 1

Ethology, Relationship Building and Pedogogy * Nurturing the Relationship * Relationship Building Precedes Riding * Education * The Horse as a Student * Equipment in Academic Groundwork * Before Stellning & Bending * Where do we Start? * About Leading & Following.

Part 2

Exercising the Horse * Bending & Stellning * The Halt * First Steps in Groundwork * The Side Movements * Shaping & Collection * Work with the Horse in Halt * Longework * the Basic Gaits * Structure from Circle Work to the Lesson

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