Academic Art of Riding Volume 1 – Horsemanship

Volume #1 is dedicated to Horsemanship – the awareness of the bond between horse and human, the basic education, and the tools needed.



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Two Spirits wanting what two bodies can (Bent Branderup)

In our fast moving and digitised world many riders aim for a gentle and well-thought-out education for horse and rider, without the pressure of competing. The Academic Art of Riding is based on the knowledge of the old masters, like Xenophon, Pluvinel, Guérinière and Steinbrecht, just to name the most outstanding ones. Dedicating his life to the Academic Art of Riding, Bent Branderup studies the old masters over and over again, as well as he constantly questions his own and his students‘ work. 17 single steps cover the academic ladder that schools body and mind of horse and rider.

Which heritage the old masters handed down to us riders? When did they agree on something and what did they criticize? Do our current studies of psychology, biomechanics and pedagogics match the old master`s knowledge and recommendations? The Knighthood of the Academic Art of Riding is a community of passionate horse people who share fundamental ideals and have at their disposal a certain level of proved skills. The main tasks of the international academy are research and education, always aware of ethical aspects that concern the human-equine relationship.
The 230 members consider themselves as belonging to a brain pool whose members advance through constant exchange.

15 to 20 of them will pass their knowledge to the readers of the „Academic Art of riding“ – they are well known experts of communication, body language, bitless art of riding, rehabilitation, psychology. From the first step – Horsemanship to the Schools above the ground – they  share their knowledge, always keeping the focus on two spirits wanting what two bodies can. To become one – just to spend a beautiful time together with our horses.

This series of books about the Academic Art of Riding features articles about the different steps in the AAR, written by Bent Branderup and various Selected Branderup® Trainers.

Horsemanship Volume 1

During the past few years a growing number of people have taken an interest in a gentle and thoughtful education of both horse and rider. Putting aside competition and a “higher, faster further” mentality, people, (more precisely riders) mainly wish for one thing; having a good time with their horses. Not a one-sided affair that only pleases the human side, but one in which it becomes more and more important that the horses enjoys working with us. That it can take pride in its efforts. Enjoy fulfilling its tasks and push its boundaries. Which brings us back to growing and growing interest in the Academic Art of Riding.

For some people it is THE ultimate training method, for others, an old European cultural heritage that fills the teachings of such old masters as Xenophone, Antoine de Pluvinel, William Cavendish Duke of Newcastle and Francois Robichon de la Gueriniere with new life.

The legacy of these masters from the past is meticulously studied, researched, and discussed by members of the knighthood with its concentrated brain pool has grown to count more than 230 members. Fifteen to twenty of them are going to provide their knowledge in the next sixteen volumes of the “Academic Art of Riding” series. They are experts in matters of spirit and body. Some of them specialized in communication, others are experts in the fields of hoof care, equine health, training or body language.

In close cooperation with these experts, we will present all sixteen steps of the Academic Ladder with its different aspects and features.

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