Term Conditions

IMPORTANT: By registering for this course you acknowledge and accept these lessons are for educational and entertainment purposes only and are not a substitute for medical treatment. Instructor cannot be held responsible for any injuries or discomfort that may occur. Before doing any of the movement lessons, be sure to consult your medical practitioner.

Safely and Risk: Our programs can be a great upgrade to your wellness. When you purchase a product or service from us, you are agreeing that you are fully responsible for your own health and safety as you participate in this medically unsupervised program.

You will adhere to the guidelines for participation which include:

  • Following the directions from my physician or healthcare professionals.
  • Move with minimum effort which can mean moving in your imagination.
  • Stop any movement that causes me to feel sick, dizzy, light-headed, pain or unusual discomfort.
  • Never move with force or strain.

You hold harmless Lynn Punturiere or Aiyana Horse Center LLC from an injury you might experience by participating in a course.

By purchasing any product on AiyanaHorse.com, you agree to the above.

Pricing and Refunds: Each product has it’s own refund policy. Be sure to refer directly to that product on its sales page. Refund requests made outside the offered period will not be made.

Use of Products: Use of any of our products is specifically for personal use. Distribution is prohibited unless we have a signed agreement specifically allowing you to engage in distribution. You are prohibited from posting any material that requires sign-up to access it in any public way or in passing it along to others. Materials we have placed in public forums and designated as public are available for sharing.

PLEASE fill out the following safety memorandum by clicking on the link. It only takes a few seconds. https://forms.gle/UvEqnUQ5JR5CQb8K8