Changing How Change Happens

Inspiring Self Care

We go to great lengths caring for others. Yet when it comes to ourselves we can be remiss. EnJOY innovative ways of learning where subtle changes create big results. Workshops and courses are available both with and without horses.

Learn how specific movement processes can rewire the brain while improving the things you already do. Sessions build on what works and help you focus forward from where you “are.” All fitness levels are welcome. Horse experience isn’t needed for equine experiential learning. The horses tell us what’s working.

Come if you’re ready to…

  • Gain confidence and freedom through movement processes to improve your favorite activities with less effort
  • Take a deeper dive into personal growth and make better choices
  • Develop conscious awareness and trust your intuition
  • Refine non-verbal communication skills
  • Grow together with others

“A brain without a body could not think.” ~ Moshe Feldenkrais

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Solutions for Optimal Mobility

Self-Care Strategies to Unravel Sticky Points


Solutions for Optimal Mobility

Self-Care Strategies to Unravel Sticky Points


Move Smarter Starter

Restorative Potential for Natural Movement

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