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The Chain of Dynamic Posture

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What if, by simply changing the way you MOVE through the world you could free yourself of chronic pain, self-sabotaging habits, and unhealthy emotional patterns?  

Even younger students can arrive with significant pain and mobility challenges. It’s not just about aging. It’s about the cumulative effects of the choices we make.

When navigating the world, we must often adapt to various challenges. How do you adapt?

  • Perhaps you dropped something on the floor, and it rolled under the table.
  • Perhaps you developed crookedness or stiffness from an old injury.
  • Perhaps the path you are walking has hills, potholes, fallen branches, or lifted pavers.
  • Maybe you are in a crowded space, and you are pushed off balance.

That’s Life! 

Health relates to our capacity to adapt, rebalance, and access new responses for any situation.

My desire in this introductory series is to help you:
  • Discover how short movement sessions (only 2-3 times per week) can make a difference in your comfort and ease.
  • Rewire neuro-motor function to restore confidence and grace.
  • Change unhelpful habits in your subconscious mind through novel physical moves.
  • Use the power of imagination to set intention.
  • Learn how your thoughts, feelings, perceptions, and movements are interrelated — and influence each other.
  • Develop awareness through movement to connect your Feet, Ankles, Knees, Hip Joints, Pelvis, Curves of the Spine, Head, Neck, Arms and YOU!

How does good health happen?

It’s no secret that walking is considered one of the best measurements of health. Walking is the number one recommended activity for bone health, circulatory health, and even mental health. Besides, if humans were unable to walk long distances, they would not have survived.

The question is… are you making each step count or are you merely counting steps?  The importance of quality over quantity is often overlooked.

You can walk yourself into health, 


You can walk yourself into disease.

How will you know the difference?

It’s all about “Whole Body Integrated Action.”

When your whole body cooperates in movement, achieving maximum efficiency with minimum effort, you unleash your powers of creativity, intuition, and more.

Let’s play the inner game of walking.

This is your opportunity to sample a taste of Movement Intelligence, and how it is for virtually ANYONE who wants to transform movement limitations and improve posture, balance, bone, and joint health.

If you’re ready to trust your innate non-verbal wisdom, you can start by gathering the items listed. Each lesson may use something different but it’s good to have these available.

  • A quiet place with no distractions
  • A firm chair or stool — non-rolling and solid bottom
  • A mat on the floor
  • A bath towel and small towel
  • Space around yourself in standing or on the floor so you can stretch in all directions comfortably.
  • Access to a wall
  • A wonderfully curious attitude!