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ReVive Your Stride-Lite

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Movement Intelligence for equestrians seeking well-coordinated reliable posture and pain-free movement

How can you turn awareness into intentional action that makes sense for you and your horse? Awareness is somewhat of a buzzword these days, but as an equine enthusiast you understand its importance.

You don’t know what you don’t know. What you do know is that you want to be your best. When you are out of balance you cannot bring balance to the horse. A great place to begin is through guided movement practices that challenge the system that wake up the brain for creative problem solving. In this course you will:

-Find ease in your own stride through gentle processes that upgrade confidence, clarity and leadership

-Put theory into practice through experiential anatomy that supports wellness for you and your horse

Each lesson investigates components of efficient walking – bringing new awareness to what you do unconsciously. Over time, you’ll rediscover the body’s wisdom that evolved from our four-legged friends which leads to improved movement and a better understanding of how your horse moves. We are not so different from horses.

Why is efficient walking so important?

HOW YOU WALK IS HOW YOU RIDE. Whether it be a twisted spine, dropped shoulder, immobile hip joints, or pain, these issues won’t simply disappear when sit on the horse. Instead, you risk bringing those same imbalances to the horse.

Who Will Benefit? 

The horses! A rider who is in balance reduces risk of wear and tear to their horse

-Equestrians seeking strategies that cultivate unity and leadership

-Students wrestling with the same corrections in their body without improvement

-Those who’ve accepted pain as normal during or after riding. It’s not!

-Learners who know that curiosity is key to improvement and vitality

-Equine Educators who know that success starts within


Course Includes:

*6 Weeks of live learning with recordings available 48 hours after class
*1 Private coaching session to cover questions during series
*Supplemental reading, audio resources, and short homework assignments
*Personal strategy call prior to or early in the series (not required)

Before You Begin 

IMPORTANT: Login to the course. Go to the “Getting Started” section in the Curriculum tab. There are a few goodies along with important links and info to get the most from this series prior to start date.
*Movement Intelligence Programs are the intellectual property of Ruthy Alon, Ph.D.


  • Recommend the 20 minute private strategy call prior to or early in the series
  • Please read and sign the required Memorandum of Understanding Form.