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MasterClass2022 ReVive Your Stride-Lite

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Movement Intelligence® for equestrians seeking well-coordinated reliable posture and pain-free movement

As an Equidemia Masterclass student you understand the importance of “awaring.” (Yes, awareness is a skill too). But that’s not the whole story. How can you turn awareness into intentional action that makes sense for your horse?

Improve your own stride through gentle, portable processes that can spontaneously upgrade your walk which translates to confidence and clarity

Put theory to use through real, practical experiential anatomy that supports health and wellness for you and your horse

Each ReVive Your Stride process investigates and deciphers a component of our own efficient walking – bringing new awareness to what we do unconsciously. Over time, we spontaneously incorporate our innate wisdom that evolved from our four-legged friends which leads to improvement. We are not so different.

Why is efficient walking so important?

How you walk is how you ride. Whether it’s a twisted shoulder, a blocked hip or stiffness and pain, these issues generally don’t disappear when we attempt to “fix” them directly. Especially while working with our horse.

“Patterns reside deeply in the nervous system and that’s where we need to work if we want to change them.”

Who Will Benefit? 

  • -Equestrians seeking strategies to cultivate oneness and leadership with their horse
  • -The horses, because riders gain the capacity to be in better balance with them
  • -Students who wrestle with the same corrections in their body time after time without change
  • -Those who’ve accepted tension and pain as normal during or after riding. It’s not!
  • -Movers looking for gentle yet challenging processes through movement as nature meant
  • -Newbies or experienced practitioners who know that curiosity is the key to vitality

Before You Begin 

PLEASE fill out the following safety memorandum by clicking on the link. It only takes a few minutes.

*Movement Intelligence Programs are the intellectual property of Ruthy Alon, Ph.D.