Build Trust

Share The Vision

Plan The Work

Work the Plan

Focus Forward

Juggling Priorities

Overcome Obstacles

Reaching Goals

Rest and Recover

Turn Insight Into Action

The Attuned Leadershift Model

Accelerate Performance With Less Effort

Leadership is for everyone. Leadership is more than just for leading in business. It’s how you lead your life, your relationships, your community. If you’re looking for career growth, boosting your team’s productivity, or simply in a rut and ready for positive change – let us to help you accelerate the results you seek.

What’s possible when you attune your leadership excellence?

The key is “when we make something physical, we make it trainable.” Learn how working with the mind-body as one bridges the gap from ordinary to exceptional. Move smarter toward purpose and goals. Condition positive thinking patterns. Develop versatility and work with your inner reactions through the 4 patterns of the FEBI (Focus Energy Balance Indicator). Apply real-time scenarios by teaming up with horses as you learn to leverage strengths and stand firm in the midst of chaos. 

Step outside the conventional classroom to the arena with horses for their honest feedback to bring your humanship to the next level


  • Dissolving Conflict
  • Coherent Communication
  • Managing Change
  • Whole Leadership
  • Strategy | Business Modeling | Design Thinking
  • Building Team Excellence
  • Organizational Engagement
  • Lessons Learned


  • Align collective commitments with goals
  • Explore the interplay of others’ patterns
  • Learn body-based techniques of personality that impact behavior and leadership
  • Understand the implications of your patterns and your leadership
  • Gain the ability to access the pattern that’s needed for given situations

1 : 1 Private Coaching

Use the Right Energy at the Right Time

Take the FEBI (Focus Energy Balance Indicator) to learn the energy patterns that shape your leadership. Learn about the energy you’re projecting, and how to use the right energy at the right time. FEBI is a tool and approach that unites intuition, practical, and theory. The leadership and behavior patterns of FEBI can be quickly applied – resulting in engaged communication, self-acceptance, and honoring of differences. Includes:

  • FEBI Assessment Report
  • Experience Shift Through Four Energy Patterns
  • Private Coaching – Debrief and Personal Development Plan


Target Your Leadership Energy (TYLE)

This session combines FEBI and Equine Experiential Learning to get teams or groups ‘moving’ toward higher productivity.

  • Understand the energy patterns of personality that impact behavior and leadership
  • Understand personal preferences for these patterns and their implications on work and leadership
  • Learn how to access each energy pattern and target energy appropriately
  • Discover how to build a practice to develop any pattern and develop as a whole leader
  • Includes 1 : 1 FEBI Assessment debrief – virtual coaching session prior to workshop
  • Lunch provided


Harness Your Team’s Energy (HYLE)

This session builds upon individual insights and actions from the previous TYLE workshop. Implications and actions are applied with the group and the horses.

  • Learn the patterns of your teammates through the Group FEBI Report
  • Build your team’s blueprint for success
  • Explore how the patterns show up in your team dynamics
  • Make individual and collective commitments that align with team goals
  • Pre-Requisite: “TYLE” Workshop
  • Lunch provided
Pre-requisites: An open mind, comfortable clothes, closed toe shoes, and a challenge you’d like to gain new perspective on. Horse experience is not needed. To learn more about FEBI visit To learn more about what horses teach us visit

Limit 10 Person Capacity / Workshop.

*FEBI (Focus Energy Balance Indicator) is a registered mark of Institute for Zen Leadership