What is FEBI?

FEBI is a validated psychometric instrument that measures 4 energy patterns in the nervous system that map to 4 factors of personality, 4 ways of moving, and 4 essential modes of leadership. FEBI doesn’t confine you to a box or confine personality to the head, but rather shows how to work with the body and mind together so you can win on your strengths and use the right energy at the right time.

How can FEBI help me?

Name a challenge and the FEBI will help you rise to it. Let FEBI help you reclaim more of who you are.

Looking for a job?

FEBI can show you strengths to leverage, and help you develop a pattern you may need for better networking or that killer interview.

Starting a new job?

FEBI can help you understand your own personality patterns relative to the organization you’re joining, and how to access any pattern you need more of.

Supervising others?

FEBI gives insight into your supervisory style, and how to better understand, develop, and delegate to others.

Needing to influence?

FEBI helps you know yourself and read the energy of others, so you’re able to reach people in ways they can hear.

Building a team?

FEBI helps team members get to know one another, as well as the patterns of team dynamics what’s needed for team success.

Leading in turbulence?

FEBI helps you bring out the right energy at the right time to drive toward your vision, engage others, and sustain your own energy.

How does FEBI work?

When you enter the physical state of a particular pattern, the rest of the mind-body system tends to follow, and out come the behaviors of that pattern expressed in a way that’s natural to you. Authentic yet expansive: that’s what FEBI makes possible.

*FEBI (Focus Energy Balance Indicator) is a registered mark of Institute for Zen Leadership