Aiyana Horse Center

Innovative education for lasting learning where horses play a key role toward positive change

Embody Leadershift

Aiyana Horse CenterĀ offers workshops and private sessions in both mindful movement and horse related activities that expand outside of conventional training methods. The goal is to provide innovative coaching for lasting learning where horses play a key role toward positive change. We strive for the well being of horses and humans alike.

OurĀ strength based approach to experiential learning gives new perspective and is grounded in solid knowledge of horse behavior, human development, understanding of team dynamics, and creative ways to move beyond conflict.

Thought provoking sessions in developing leadership capacity, motivating conversations, team building excellence, mindful movement, and attuned horsemanship are available.

What Horses Teach Us

Horses have come to be recognized as great teachers. Due to their size, gentle nature, and ability to connect, they teach us to be better communicators and build mutual respect while bringing out the authentic, whole leader in us. Horses see and accept us for who we are because they are not concerned with positional power as seen in the human world. They develop our intuition and revive our mental agility and creativity. Horses teach us how to manage our energy patterns through their instant, unbiased feedback.

With guidance and a committed practice, working with horses provides valuable insight and practical lessons in our work and daily lives. Their lessons apply whether we interact with them regularly or have no previous horse experience.